about us

“I came here for one beer. You guys made me stay all night.”

~ Random guy at a bar

After over 20 years of playing music together, this is the kind of comment The Travis Prinzi Band regularly hears while playing breweries and bars in the Greater Rochester and Little Lakes region of the Finger Lakes. With a fusion of fiddle-driven songs you know and love, Americana and Irish standards, and original tunes, TPB will make you want to hang around for just a little longer.

Travis Prinzi is the songwriter, rhythm guitar player, and lead vocalist of the band. But the band is really only named after him because after 20 years, we can’t agree on a name.

Brad Prinzi has been playing bass and singing harmonies with Travis since they were teenagers. There’s something about brothers doing harmony that really works, and you’ll hear some great vocals from the brothers at TPB shows.

Abbey Gebel has been playing violin since she was 2 years old, so that means she’s pretty good. Nothing is more vital to a TPB show than the moments Abbey takes off on a fiddle tune or covers some great solo you’re used to hearing on a guitar.